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There are millions of reasons to join the Blue Wave. What's yours?

THe Blue Drop Society is committed to elevating the voices of voters who are ready for positive change in our government and society. 
Share your story with the Blue Drop Community and add your drop to the Blue Wave!

Share your story in 3 simple steps:

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Step 1: Take a picture of you wearing your blue drop pin*.

Be sure to leave space to one side so we can place your reason for being a Blue Drop over the image!

*No pin? No problem! Feel free to submit a photo without a Blue Drop! Or, if you'd like to purchase a pin and help support our mission, you can do that here!

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Step 2: In 25 words or less, Tell us why you're a blue drop, and why you're lending your vote to the Blue Wave.

We'll also ask for your first name, last initial, and hometown so we can credit your voice.



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Step 3: We'll use your photo and your quote to create an image that adds your voice to the Blue Drop Community! 



When you're ready, share your story by completing the form below.

We'll highlight as many stories as we can on our website, our social media, and in our newsletter!