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We started the Blue Drop Society because we see something happening in America that doesn’t align with our personal experiences. We believe in the commonality of American citizens who aren’t in the upper 1%, who work hard to take care of themselves and their families, who believe that all Americans regardless of race, class, income, or national origin deserve the same opportunities to thrive. And we believe that at the core of each and every one of us, we really just want the best for our fellow citizens – the same as we believe they want for us. In the current social environment and political climate, it can be difficult to remember this. We feel the solution is conversation—discussions exploring the true beliefs and the reasoning behind them, coming directly from red-blooded, blue-collar Democrats like us.

Every one of us is a blue drop.

Every one of us contributes to a blue wave.

We feel that the changes we’ve seen in the past several years have taken us in the wrong direction. Rather than trying to solve the problem with more conflict, we believe we can solve it with understanding, by exploring what makes us similar rather than focusing on what makes us different. We love the rise of rational, resistant voices in 2017 and 2018, and we feel that adding more to the conversation from a very real-world perspective can help turn the tide. But we also feel a deep-seated responsibility to tackle the bigger issues at hand, principles that appear to be more vulnerable than we realized, and are being compromised on a daily basis. The lives impacted by these compromises are the lives of real people, and their well-being is worth speaking up for.

We believe that our leaders should recognize this.

And we feel that Democrat leaders are best equipped to lead us all forward in ways that best respect and preserve our freedoms, and to defend all citizens at every level of social standing.

Our greatest wish is that we can affect positive change in a way that helps restore hope to those who feel as if theirs has been taken away, and to help America move back toward the vision of inclusion and responsible leadership that we believe is possible.



A socially-minded collective of citizens exploring the character, opinions, and beliefs of working-class Democrats who don’t fit the liberal elite stereotype, but who share the underlying philosophy that all citizens regardless of social class deserve fair representation and social justice from their governmental leaders. Our goal is to present a better understanding of why those who identify with liberal causes do so, to encourage increased voter participation, and to contribute in a helpful manner to bringing Democrat leadership to as many branches of city, state, and federal government as possible.


We are not a charity, a not-for-profit, or a PAC; we are not affiliated with any politicians or governmental leaders. We are not politically funded, or monetized in any way other than by our own modest means, and by the revenue generated by the Blue Drop podcast and sales of the Blue Drop pins.