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OUR IMPACT GOALS (2018 - 2020)


This year, our focus is on community. Our goal is to build a nationwide network of Blue Drop supporters who want to actively work to make a positive difference in American government and society, and to encourage Democratic and Independent voters of all ages to lend their voices and their strength to the community by sharing your stories of how you have been personally impacted by the policies of the Trump Administration; by subscribing to and submitting ideas for the Blue Drop podcast that will launch in September 2018; and by wearing and sharing Blue Drop pins as badges that stand for your commitment to being part of the Blue Wave in November, when we will take back Congress and regain control over a government that continues to run roughshod over human rights and the U.S. Constitution. With a large enough community in 2018, we will have the resources to encourage voter turnout in November and to begin the research phase of the Blue Drop movement in 2019.


In 2019, our focus will be on research. What drives Americans to the voting booths? What keeps them away? What could we do to encourage higher voter turnout? Why do certain candidates inspire massive participation in rallies and in the social media arena, but still struggle for votes on Election Day? With the help of partnerships with colleges and youth organizations across the country, we will conduct the necessary research to answer these questions, and many more. We will use surveys, polls, interviews, and focus groups to try to discern not only the behaviors and psychographics that influence the decision to vote, but also how we can tear down the barriers to entry for potential voters. 


In 2020, our focus will be on education of the voter. Building on the community we build and the research we carry out, we will devise programs that will help prepare voters. Our programs will include ballot education workshops, ambassador programs, voter gamification and reward incentives, ambassador programs,  localized candidates events, and more. We will work to keep the Blue Wave roaring through the 2020 presidential election. And this will lead us into 2021 and beyond, when we'll focus on collaboration, capitalization, and continuation.