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"Because small differences add up to big change."

-Steven L., Peoria, AZ

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Together, as Blue Drops, we will become a Blue Wave.

Tell Your Story. Join the Movement. Make a Difference.


The Blue Drop Society was created in an effort to reach discouraged or uncertain voters, the voters who say, "My vote doesn't matter, it's only a drop in the bucket." Our message is, "Yes, you are just a drop. And every drop is incredibly important if we want to form a Blue Wave."

The resources we muster together through the Blue Drop Society will allow us to create voter education workshops, nationwide ambassador programs, and voter turnout initiatives for the 2018 midterm elections and far, far beyond. By supporting the Blue Drop Society by subscribing to the podcast, subscribing to the newsletter, sharing your stories, and purchasing a Blue Drop pin, you will be directly funding and championing initiatives like voter motivation research, ground activations, ballot education trainings, voter incentive experiments, and more.

Plus, a portion of every Blue Drop pin we sell will go directly to an organization that's actively working to make a positive difference in our world and in our elections, like RAICES, Swing Left, and Everytown for Gun Safety.

We are not a charity, a not-for-profit, or a PAC; we are not affiliated with any politicians or governmental leaders. We are not politically funded, or monetized in any way other than by our own modest means, and by the revenue generated by the Blue Drop podcast and sales of the Blue Drop pins. We are a project of Media Empire Media, and we believe the best way to make a difference, to raise the funds we need so we can launch our voter research projects, create gamification-based voting incentives, and bring out potential voters on Election Day, is for all of us to have a platform to tell our stories. Every single one of us. That's our plan. That's our mission and vision. To focus on the impact bad policies can have on an individual, and, more importantly, the impact an individual can have on bad policy.

We can't do it without you.

Because you are a drop in the bucket. And we need each and every drop if we're going to cause a Blue Wave in November.


Wondering how we'll actually use the money we make from our pins?
Click here to see our Impact Goals for 2018 - 2020.


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"Because everyone's voice deserves to be heard."

-Erin C., Chicago, IL


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Join the Blue Drop Society

and help us make waves in the November midterm election and beyond.

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